Pilates is beneficial for all ages and abilities, men and women. It will help improve posture, muscle tone, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, breathing, core strength and joint mobility as well as relieve stress and tension. It is a unique form of exercise that not only conditions and tones the body but is also wonderfully relaxing for the mind. Pilates can help prevent osteoporosis with weight bearing exercises to improve bone density.

Many of my clients have been with me since I started teaching back in 2006 and feel the benefits of Pilates such as relieving lower back pain, neck and joint pain, muscle imbalances and injuries. For many clients Pilates is more than an exercise method, it has become a way of life.

Referrals very often come from doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractics who recommend Pilates as a safe and effective form of exercise.

Body Control Pilates is based on the work of Joseph Pilates, from Germany, who created a series of exercises that built strength with flexibility in the 1900s. He developed exercises first to strengthen his own body and then to help prison camp internees to keep up their strength during the First World War. In 1926 he set up his own studio in New York where he taught many dancers which kept them to look slim and lean while they developed strength and body control.