I am a professionally qualified Body Control Pilates Matwork Instructor. I qualified in 2006 with The Body Control Pilates Association in London and am featured on their list of qualified teachers.

BCPA was established in February 1997 and has become the largest professional Pilates organisation of its kind outside the USA. Their mission has been to bring the benefits of Pilates to everyone. They have created a method that is effective and safe, measured and challenging.

I first discovered Pilates back in 1998 when a friend, who had recently qualified with BCPA, tempted me to join her beginner class. I progressed through to advanced level and there was no looking back – I was addicted!

I work with clients in the Surrey and Sussex area and hold classes at Alfold and Ellen’s Green. I also hold private sessions for clients who request a personal programme of exercise.

I regularly return to London to attend classes, courses and workshops run by Body Control at their Studio. Many of the teachers have ballet, dance, sport or medical backgrounds, for example, physiotherapists or osteopaths, and are inspiring teachers. I also attend Annual Development Weekends held at The Royal College of Physicians at Regent’s Park where there are lectures and workshops run by invited speakers or instructors from UK or abroad. Guest speakers can range from many disciplines and lectures and workshops can vary on many topics relating to the world of exercise, anatomy and health. This makes for a very stimulating and informative time spent in London returning back to the client base with new ideas to include in class.

Courses and Workshops I have attended are as follows:

  • Pilates & Pregnancy Course
  • Intermediate Matwork Course
  • Pilates and the Band Course
  • Pilates & Osteoporosis Course
  • Pilates Ball: Beginners & Intermediate Course
  • Standing Pilates Course
  • “Balls” Workshop
  • Pelvic Floor Workshop
  • Toning Circle
  • Pilates with the Foam Roller Course
  • Healthy Necks Workshop
  • “Psoas – Clever Guy of the Pelvis” Workshop
  • Small Ball & Toning Circle Course
  • Pilates for the Older Person – 2 day Course
  • Foot and Ankle Problems Workshop
  • Pre and Post-Op Hip Pilates Workshop
  • Pilates for Golfers
  • Triadball


"In 2001 I sustained a "slipped disc". Physiotherapy helped enormously to get me back on my feet but whenever I over did things the back pain & sciatica returned. Eventually I had a pain killing injection in the base of my spine, which was very effective, but not a permanent solution. At this point I took up Pilates, which has helped to keep my back strong & mobile. I have had no further flare ups since, & I am able to pursue numerous sporting hobbies."

Local Qualified Medical Practitioner

"I started Pilates about 10 years ago for various health reasons and have enjoyed Sarah's excellent teaching for nearly 7 years now. Sarah's group classes are challenging, varied and fun and she is excellent at spotting when one of us needs adjustment or correction with a movement. I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to improve and maintain their core stability, general posture and joint mobility."

Vicky, Rudgwick

“I had been visiting the Physiotherapist for over 20 years before someone suggested I went to a Pilates class. Not only had that cost me an arm and a leg, but it was also so debilitating and predictable. Anyway that's how I met Sarah. Since then I have a core! Better than a six pack! No more worries about starting the mower in spring, lifting the sack of cement into the boot, stretching to help the kids in the back of the car, moving furniture, getting caught out leaning too far forward......and finding the money for the 4/5 visits to the Physio each time. The lessons are intense, varied, strenuous yet enjoyable, exhausting yet so satisfying. My life has changed, cliché I know, yet if only I had started all those days ago, when I was playing rugby and thinking I was immortal ..... I might now actually be so! Sarah sets the tone with the music, the attention to getting it right, the movement around the class making adjustments here and there for all of us, the variety of things that we use from polystyrene tubes, to knobbly ball, to bands, to toning circle; she keeps us on our toes. It is the one activity in the week that I don't miss!”

Andre, Shamley Green

“I have now attended Sarah's Pilates classes for ten years. Before I started I used to suffer from constant low back pain. After a couple of months, the brilliant core strength exercises really began to help and the backache disappeared!! The classes are excellent for keeping one's body mobile and strong. I would recommend them to everyone...”

Josephine, Cranleigh

"Since I've been doing a weekly Pilates class I have noticed that I have changed shape and am much more aware of balance and the way I use my muscle groups. Sarah's step by step approach has given me the confidence to do gentle exercises safely at home, and to stretch out when things get tight during the week. The classes are always fresh and interesting, with an appropriate level of humour and a refreshing lack of a sense of competition or judgment."

Rachel, Rudgwick